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German Pointer (Long Haired)

General Description

An active and intelligent breed, the Pointer was primarily developed to provide a loyal and companionable house dog, a fearless hunter and a vigilant and responsive watch dog

General Health

Typically healthy and long-lived, the German Pointer is susceptible to certain health afflictions, of both serious and lesser degrees. Prone to hip dysplasia, a common problem across breeds, as well as eye degeneration and diseases, and arthritis.

Character and Temperament

Intelligent, Affectionate, Friendly, Kind, Gentle, Familial


German Longhaired Pointers require huge amounts of exercise. They will need between one and two hours of running around in open spaces to satisfy them


As their coats are long keeping your dog well-groomed can be challenging and we would recommend that you maintain them with simple brushing every day to stop mats, tangles and knots developing After a muddy walk simply wash lower legs if dirty usually simply with water and dry off


The GLP was developed in Germany for use as a pointer. It was originally a rather slow dog, and was crossed with setters and English Pointers in the 19th century to improve speed. Like most of the longhaired pointing breeds, the breed is descended from the point spaniel.


Average Dog Weight


Average Bitch Weight


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