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Golden Retriever

General Description

Retrievers are a large breed, wellknown for their beautiful golden coats and playful nature.

General Health

Retrievers are a very healthy breed, but because of their size it is essential that parents are hip scored before breeding.

Character and Temperament

Retrievers are very intelligent dogs. They are suited to for working, both in the field and for aiding the disabled, and as companions. They are very loving and gentle, but can be sensitive if treated harshly. Retrievers make superb family dogs.


Retrievers are not fussy eaters, but they will overeat if allowed. They are best kept on a strict feeding regime, with no titbits.


One to two hours a day. Due to their weight, exercise off the lead should be restricted during the first two years.


Retrievers need a good brush every day and combing at least once a week to prevent the thick undercoat from matting and the feathers on the back of the legs and between the pads should be kept trimmed. They are also prone to moulting.


Great Britain.


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