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General Description

Greyhounds are an incredibly muscular breed, capable of great speeds, while being elegant and graceful at the same time. Greyhounds can be a variety of colours.

General Health

Greyhounds are prone to injury. They are also sensitive to sedatives.

Foetal death rate is quite high in Greyhounds, they are not easy whelpers.

Character and Temperament

Greyhounds are very obedient dogs and very easy to train. However, their instinct to chase prey is so strong that they can ignore commands. Hence, they will chase sheep and other pets, especially cats. Despite this, they make great pets to have around children because of their loving nature.


Not very big eaters. One meal a day is sufficient.


40-60 minutes a day. Despite being capable of great speeds their overall energy levels are quite low, so Greyhounds will sleep well after exercise!


Hardly any. Greyhounds have very short and smooth coats and do not require much grooming.


Egypt. Pictures of Grehounds have been found engraved on Pharaohs tombs as far back as 4000 b.c.


Greyhounds have a very prestigious history, they can be found in the coats of arms of the french King Charles V and the english King Henry VIII. At the turn of the 10th century they became a status symbol.


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