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General Health

The Hamiltonstövare is generally a healthy breed, though all dogs are prone to certain health conditions. In addition to field injuries, some of the health problems to which the breed may be prone include ear infections, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, bloat, and epilepsy.

Hereditary Illnesses

No serious genetic or hereditary diseases have been identified in the breed, neither have breed-specific ailments. As with most breeds, incidences of skin allergy and hip dysplasia do occur, with epilepsy appearing rarely

Character and Temperament

The Hamiltonstovare is a typical hound in disposition, a tireless hunter, having a high prey drive with an excellent sense of sight and smell. Being driven by scent, the Hamilton Hound loves to follow its nose wherever it leads. It is an adaptable breed but may show some hound-like stubbornness


Hamiltonstovare was developed in Sweden by Count Adolf Hamilton, the creator of the Swedish Kennel Club, who was on the lookout for a powerful, robust hound that could help kill both foxes and hares in a harsh climate and rough, mountainous terrain

He used Harriers, English Foxhounds, and three extinct German breeds including the Heiderbracke, Holsteiner Hound, and Curlandish Hound. Today’s Hamiltonstovare dogs are considered the descendants of Pang and Stella, two hounds owned by the count. First shown in its native country in 1921, the breed was known as the Swedish Hound, but the name was later changed to Hamilton Hound after the founder


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