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Hungarian Puli

General Description

The Puli is a small-medium breed of Hungarian herding and livestock guarding dog known for its long, corded coat. The tight curls of the coat appear similar to dreadlocks. A similar-looking, but much larger breed – also Hungarian – is the Komondor. Plural form of Puli is Pulik in Hungarian.

General Health

Prone to long pregnancies, usually lasting for 67 days

The Puli, which has an average lifespan of 10 to 15 years, is susceptible to major health issues such as canine hip dysplasia (CHD). Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) and deafness are also occasionally seen in Pulis.

Character and Temperament

Intelligent, agile, obedient, energetic, loyal and faithful


At least one hour a day



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