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Italian Spinone

General Description

 Dog of solid construction, robust and vigorous, powerful bone, well developed muscles, rough haired with beard and eyebrows.

Character and Temperament

Naturally sociable, docile and patient. An experienced hunter on all terrains, very resistant to tiredness. Has a remarkable capability for an extended fast trot, by nature is an excellent retriever.


Does well on most foods, so complete or meat and biscuit.


Needs a minimum  of  1 - 2 hours of free running every day but will take much more.


Daily brushing and 2 or 3 times a year hand stripping depending on coat.




Colours: White, white and orange, orange roan, brown roan, brown and white


Average Dog Size

23.5 - 27.5

Average Dog Weight

70.5 - 81.5

Average Bitch Size

22.4 - 25.5

Average Bitch Weight

62 - 66

Average Litter Size

8 (although litters can be 1 - 17)

Average Life Expectancy

8 - 14

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