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Japanese Akita Inu

General Description

The Akita is a bold and willful dog, naturally wary of strangers but extremely loyal to its family. They are alert, intelligent, and courageous. They tend to be aggressive toward other dogs, especially those of the same sex. They are best suited to a one-dog household.

General Health

Generally healthy and resilient, documented cases of health affliction include optical disorders, skin complaints and von Willebrand's Disease, a rare bleeding disorder. Besides this, immune deficiency and hair loss are particularly common in the breed.

Character and Temperament

Faithful, intelligent, courageous, composed, stubborn, receptive and loyal


Minimum two hours per day


The Akita Inu is the original Akita as found in Japan and has remained remarkably unchanged for centuries. It is thought that the Akita Inu was founded on spitz-type dogs which found their way to the Northern mountainous regions of Japan around three centuries ago.

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