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Korthals Griffon

General Description

The Wirehaired Pointing Griffon is a breed of dog used in hunting as a gundog. It is sometimes considered to be Dutch in ancestry, due to the nationality of the breed founder, Eduard Karel Korthals

General Health

Genetic eye disorders have been identified in the breed, as well as cases of hip and elbow dysplasia, a common complaint across breeds. Besides this, the Korthals Griffon is typically healthy and resilient, susceptible to no serious hereditary or breed-specific diseases.

Character and Temperament

Proud, Loyal, Vigilant, Trainable, GentleProud, Loyal, Vigilant, Trainable, Gentle


two hours per day


The undercoat is dense, fine, and thick to provide insulation. Grooming needs vary depending on the shedding cycle. Dogs should be groomed every 4 – 8 weeks


Others consider the Griffon to be a German breed because Korthals' kennel, Ipenwoud, was located in Biebesheim am Rhein, Germany. It was there for over twenty years that Korthals dedicated his life to the development and perfection of the Korthals Griffon.


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