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Labrador Retriever

General Description

Laboradors are a large breed that have bodies longer than their height. A Strong and squarely set body with a strong muscular neck and limbs. Their coats are made of a double layer with a harsh outer coat and thicker undercoat. Laboradors can be one of three colours, black, chocolate and yellow.

Hereditary Illnesses

Hip and elbow dysplasia is common so checking with the breeder that your dog has been tested is always advisable.

Character and Temperament

Amazingly the colour of your laborador is reflective of the temeraments shown. Yellow laboradors tend to have a slightly more gentle/ easy going temperament than black laboradors. Chocolate laboradors can be more tolerant of pain along with being more enthusiastic so do have the tendancy to injur themselves more. Chocolate labs also have a tendancy to come bounding up to other dogs and people without managing to stop, resulting in running into them, a trait to be wary of if you have young children.  Laboradros are patient with children and are generally sociable animals that get on well with people and other pets and they enjoy lots of play and exercise, they love to swim!


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