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Large Munsterlander

General Description

The Large Munsterlander is a versatile German sporting dog who hunts, points, and retrieves, working well on land and retrieving from water. The Large Munsterlander's coat can be mostly white or mostly black, with markings that can be solid white patches or ticked or roan areas.

Hereditary Illnesses

Hyperuricosuria is an inherited condition affecting Large Munsterlanders

Character and Temperament

Affectionate, Trustworthy, Trainable, Lively, Loyal, Dependable


Like all gundogs, large Munsterlanders have a lot of energy and require sufficient exercise. Take them on daily walks or jogs, which can also be used to help train them to see humans as the leader.


Your Large Munsterlander dog ought to be brushed and groomed 'as needed'.


The Large Münsterländer (or Großer Münsterländer) is a breed of gun dog originally from the Münster region in Germany. The first breed club was founded in Germany in 1919 


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