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Olde English Bulldogge

General Description

The Olde English Bulldogge is a muscular, medium-sized dog of great strength and possesses fluid agile movement. They are well-balanced and proportioned, while appearing capable of performing without any breathing restrictions in either heat or cold.


General Health

One of the healthier Bulldog breeds, some may still be prone to hip dysplasia and other common health problems. Also, Olde English Bulldogges are prone to bloat. Feed them smaller meals throughout the day to prevent this from occurring.

Hereditary Illnesses

You've probably heard of hip dysplasia, an inherited disease that causes the hip joints to form improperly and leads to arthritis: it is common in Olde English Bulldogges.

Character and Temperament

Friendly, confident, courageous, alert, loving and strong


While not low-energy dogs, Olde English Bulldogges don't need a ton of exercise either and are usually most satisfied with moderate daily walks over lots of leashed running.


The Olde English Bulldogge originated in England between 1600 and 1700. These were the early ancestors of many Bull breeds, including the English Bulldog and the American Bulldog. They were bred to participate in blood sports like bull baiting.

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