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Polish Tatra Sheepdog

General Description

The Tatra Shepherd Dog is a Polish breed of large flock guardian dog originating in the Tatra Mountains of the Podhale region of southern Poland. It was fully recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale in 1963.

General Health

As a large-breed dog, the Polish Tatra Sheepdog is at risk for musculoskeletal issues like hip dysplasia and patellar luxation as well as gastric torsion. These dogs may also be at risk for epilepsy, juvenile cataracts, and allergic dermatitis.

Character and Temperament

Although they are well-known as guardians, Polish Tatra Sheepdogs are a non-aggressive breed and generally maintain a calm regard towards other animals and people. They are quite gentle for their size and have a keen awareness of their surroundings at all times.


They are usually inactive indoors but will expel energy outdoors at will, whether through play or self-appointed rounds of patrol, but they will also need at least an hour of exercise a day.


The Polish Tatra Sheepdog originated from the mountains of Poland several thousand years ago. Also known as the Owczarek Podhalanski or Polish Mountain Sheepdog, the breed likely descends from the Mastiff.

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