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Portuguese Podengo (Warren Hound)

General Description

Podengos, in general, are funny dogs that love to play. They easily entertain themselves with toys, chase each other and stalk each other around the house and yard. They are highly intelligent and learn new things very fast.

Hereditary Illnesses

Degenerative Myelopathy is an inherited neurologic disorder caused by a Mutation of the SOD1 gene known to be carried by Portuguese Podengos

Character and Temperament

Sociable, intelligent and lively.






The probable origin of the Portuguese Podengo is with the primitive, multi-purpose hunting dogs obtained, used and distributed by Phoenician traders during the circumnavigation of Africa in 600 BC and reaching Portugal in the 700s BC. This is evidenced by artefacts found under the Lisbon Cathedral. The Podengos were developed into different sizes in Portugal due to their functionality, the largest being the Podengo Grande, which was developed for deer and wild boar hunting. It will exhaust and detain large game and await the hunter’s gun. The Podengo Medio, being slightly smaller, was used for rabbit hunting. Due to Portugal’s relative isolation at the western edge of Europe, unlike the other two sizes, the Medio evolved to its present form without much influence from other breeds and, as a result, has the most strongly established and homogeneous type and greatest genetic stability of the three sizes. 


A primitive dog used primarily for hunting rabbits. A keen, alert and agile dog who hunts by scent, sight and hearing. 


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