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Segugio Italiano

General Description

The Segugio Italiano is a dog of medium proportions, with a strong frame and lean, muscular build. The Segugio has an unusually thin tail that is set high on the croup and reaches almost to the hock. Its chest is deep, but not very wide, and the abdomen is flat, without an obvious tuck.

General Health

There are few other breeds that can claim to be as healthy as the Segugio Italiano. From the currently available evidence, it does not seem to be particularly predisposed to any of the common ailments we are all used to seeing in pedigrees

Character and Temperament

With people, the Segugio Italiano is extremely kind and gentle, adaptable to families with children as long as he is properly trained and socialized. This breed does tend to be suspicious of strangers and does well as a watchdog, though he is not aggressive by nature. He can, however, be a little independent at times






The Segugio originated in ancient France (or Gaul) in pre-Roman times with the Segusian tribe of the region, and was adopted by the Romans upon their invasion of the country. The infamous Emperor Caliguli was known to hunt with a pack of these dogs, and the Segugio was often depicted around this time in statues of Diana, the Goddess of Hunting. Examples of such sculptures may be found in museums in Italy, the Vatican, and elsewhere in Europe.


Average Litter Size


Average Life Expectancy


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