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Sporting Lucas Terrier

General Description

A small and sturdy dog with short, well-conformed legs and a narrow chest, the Sporting Lucas Terrier reflects the qualities of its forbears in both appearance and temperament. The tail is high-set, and the head is broad with small pendant ears.

General Health

The Sporting Lucas Terrier is a relatively hardy breed with a moderate life expectancy, although there are documented incidences of patellar luxation in the breed, as well as ectropian, chronic ear infection and dental issues.

Character and Temperament

A very sociable dog, the Sporting Lucas Terrier is a friend to all and will usually get along splendidly with other dogs. As they tend to be complete extroverts, other more timid dogs may find them overwhelming to interact with at first.


If hunting with your Sporting Lucas Terrier is not an option, make sure to bring it on a vigorous walk or run each day that lasts for at least one hour. They do best in the countryside and often prove too high energy to live a comfortable life in a small home in the city.


England and Scotland

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