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General Description

Weimaraners are large-sized dogs weighing from 55 to 90 pounds. A male Weimaraner is 25 to 27 inches at the shoulder; females are smaller at 23 to 25 inches tall. Their bodies are strong and built for work, streamlined and able to run with great endurance. The head is strong and hound-like with dropped ears.

General Health

Bitches are prone to hair loss.

Character and Temperament

Steady, intelligent, alert, powerful, energetic, fast, aloof and stubborn


Minimum two hours per day


“The official history of the Weimaraner begins on June 22, 1897 when a club for the “pure breeding of the silver-grey Weimaraner pointing dog was formed in Erfurt, Germany. The breed's development since that time is relatively well documented.


Average Life Expectancy


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