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2 year old long haired spotted brown 120lb

2 year old long haired spotted brown 120lb Listing Image

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Kennel club name:

St. Bernard

Date of Birth:
23 September 2017

3 years, 1 months, 7 days

Date Listed:
22 June 2019

Bitch (female)



2 year old female St. Bernard registered akc. First time being offered for stud service. She is such a darling so spoiled, loved aswell. I do have nieces and nephews that love to play with her so she is kind too kids and loves being pampered by them. I also have a 1 year old female St. Bernard who is neutered and 1 year Male Husky is neutered aswell. My fiance and I fostered them into our home, Bella immediately had playmates for life. Bella is also very territorial, she has a huge yard to herself so kind of claims it from strangers. Her father was very territorial and aggressive but I believe the breeder had him isolated from people. With Bella though I regularly walk her, take her to dog parks, and accustom her with people and kids. I reside in the south bay area, please feel free to email me for any questions.

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