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AKC Miniature Phantom Poodle for Stud(PROVEN)

AKC Miniature Phantom Poodle for Stud(PROVEN) Listing Image

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Issac James


Kennel club name:

Poodle (Miniature)

Date of Birth:
24 December 2018

3 years, 6 months, 3 days

Date Listed:
18 April 2020

Dog (male)



10-11 lbs 11.5 inch AKC registered Miniature Phantom Poodle who's embark tested/ OFAs passed hips, patellas, elbows, heart, and eyes coming soon for CHIC registration. He carries brown one copy of red, and Irish white. He has some of the most amazing personality traits any dog owner would appreciate carrying to their puppies. These traits include quirky, intelligent, friendly, and extremely loving. He has already successfully provided his services to multiple breeds(total of 28 litters). He also has teacup in his bloodline, which he successfully produced. He can produce teacup/toy/ miniature poodles with his size, and produce smaller standards/moyen pups with a standard poodle. We will use our services to any and all breeds. We do artificial insemination ourselves or we can ship to any and all locations. If you are new to this process we can help walk you through it as we are extremely passionate with what we do. We will consider first pick as well depending on the dog. His biggest litter was a litter of 12, and the biggest dog he has successfully produced with is a 82 lb bernadoodle.

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