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Female Boxer Ready to Breed NOW!

Female Boxer Ready to Breed NOW! Listing Image

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Date of Birth:
23 November 2017

2 years, 11 months, 3 days

Date Listed:
18 June 2020

Bitch (female)



Mocha (AKA Moki”) is a super sweet, very smart, healthy, loyal and loving dog. She is amazing with children of all ages as well as other animals (tested with horses, hedgehog, cats and other dogs). She is showing signs of going into heat and I am ready to breed her. I would like to breed at my place if possible, but I will also come to you. I own a small horse ranch so there’s plenty of room for puppies. Mocha came from a private breeder and is very healthy, I have seen both of her parents and maternal grandmother. I am still in contact with the breeder. I’m expecting an average size litter but she was one of 15 pups-14 other litter mates-so there’s potential for a larger litter. She’s a pure bred Boxer but she is not registered. Please contact me ASAP if you have a stud and are a reasonable distance from Brighton/Denver Colorado. *photos available-please ask (ones here are Mocha as a puppy) Thank you

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