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Small Standard Poodle Female-Therapy Dog!

Small Standard Poodle Female-Therapy Dog! Listing Image

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Indiana (Indi)



Date of Birth:
05 May 2017

3 years, 3 months, 5 days

Date Listed:
22 July 2020

Bitch (female)



She is small for a purebred standard poodle at 31 pounds (we have DNA results, since her mother was registered). She is an extraordinarily fast learner, great personality, and a joy to be around! She loves affection, gets along well with cats and other dogs, and adores kids! She has the Canine Good Citizen Award, and has been thoroughly trained in order to be a classroom therapy dog at my middle school. We are looking for a smaller-sized Goldendoodle to breed her with. She is actually in heat right now and would be ready to breed next week, or around next January. (I can supply many more photos or videos upon request. I wanted to highlight what she looks like — and also show her dressed up for Halloween at school!)

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