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Pure White Mini Huskimo (American Eskimo - Miniature Husky Mix)

Pure White Mini Huskimo (American Eskimo - Miniature Husky Mix) Listing Image

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American Eskimo Dog

Date of Birth:
18 January 2019

2 years, 0 months, 4 days

Date Listed:
23 July 2020

Dog (male)



Prince is a 1.5 year old first generation mini Huskimo, coming from an award winning, AKC certified purebred American Eskimo dad and Miniature Husky mom. Prince has blue-green-brown eyes, with fur that is pure white and very soft; in the summertime he gets a pretty orange tint down his back. Prince is extremely gentle with kids, strangers, and other animals; and is frequently described by people as the friendliest dog they have ever met. He is very calm and quiet but also very athletic, energetic, and playful; he is easily the fastest dog at any dog park and loves hiking, jumping, and tug of war! Everyone is always very enamored by his calmness, loyalty, and beauty (strangers literally ask to take photos with him). He has the most genuine dog spirit, looks like a baby wolf, and has a lil smirk that's always smiling. He is super easy to care for, and is basically the definition of an emotional therapy pet (got me through medical school:) Long story short --Prince is the greatest, floofiest creature we have ever owned, and we are hoping to breed him so we can keep a few pups: one for us and some for close family members eager for a Prince of their own (a little floofy family). We are not looking to profit, just want to keep Princey in our family for generations, and share the joy he gives us with others. We desire to breed him with another Huskimo preferentially, but are open to considering either of his parent breeds as well.

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