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Smoky’s Dog Stud Service

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Date of Birth:
15 August 2018

2 years, 8 months, 7 days

Date Listed:
08 August 2020

Dog (male)



Gorgeous Brindle-Point Phantom ~ AKC / CKC Double-Registered, genetically tested - superior in health, standard poodle stud. PROVEN. Carries for Parti, brindle, sable, and phantoms. Smoky is almost 2 years old and is from AKC Champion lines. He is genetically tested through Embark and is completely clear of any genetic disease or disorder. He does not have, nor does he carry any genetic problems. He is a brindle point phantom. His father is Cream and his mother is a black and white parti. Kingdom Hearts Smoky is highly intelligent and extremely sweet, He currently weighs in just over 70 pounds and is 27" tall. Smoky is ~*Doodle-Friendly*~ but requires responsible breeding no matter what he is bred to - Dame must be genetically tested and healthy. (Embark or PawPrints preferred). Smoky is a stunning beauty and his temperament is out of this world. He attracts a lot of attention wherever he goes. Smoky believes he is part human and will even climb ladders and go down slides with the kids at the playground. Points for agility and friendliness! Smoky's stud fee is $600 and guarantees at least two live births. Pick of the litter instead of stud fee available in some cases (depends on breed & lines). There is a gas fee if I travel to you. Listing Details Price $600

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