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Registered Female Wanting to Breed before spaying

Registered Female Wanting to Breed before spaying  Listing Image

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West Virginia

Cane Corso

Date of Birth:
08 December 2016

3 years, 9 months, 19 days

Date Listed:
16 September 2020

Bitch (female)



We have a female, purebred Cane Corso with champion bloodlines we are looking to breed once before we spay. She is extremely friendly towards people but is the alpha to our 2 other dogs and therefore has a pack mentality to where we don’t bring her around other dogs too much anymore. She is the sweetest cuddle bug you could ever ask for and thinks she is a 140lb lap dog. She is a black brindle while the rest of her litter was the same color or tan. She loves to play but also be a couch potato with her humans. We believe she would be a great mother and are excited to give her a litter. I am happy to provide better quality pictures through email or text.

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