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6 puppy avg. AKC Blue/Merle w/ Tan points French bulldog Stud *Stud Service*

6 puppy avg. AKC Blue/Merle w/ Tan points French bulldog Stud *Stud Service* Listing Image

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Remington Steele


Kennel club name:

French Bulldog

Date of Birth:
26 January 2020

2 years, 8 months, 3 days

Date Listed:
25 September 2020

Dog (male)



*He produces an average of 6 puppies per litter *He has never failed to get an eligible female pregnant *DNA: Ee Nco BB dd kyky atat SS M*m (Cocoa carrier); Clean health test. *We specialize in working with new breeders to walk them through process *Shipping readily available for US and international inquiries! *Professionally trained to perform Artificial insemination BELLSTEAD FARM AND KENNEL We purposely run a small intimate operation so we can give our customers the highest quality service. We raise our frenchies in a rich environment of family and farm life to give them the best health and disposition possible. They are cared for and handled by our children and socialized with lots of people outside our home as well. Also, just as a farm life full of animals and wonderful people promotes the finest physical, emotional, and mental health for children and people, the same is true for the animals themselves. We take pride in raising our frenchies in a loving environment full of different kinds of animals including: chickens, cats, kittens, pigs, sheep, etc. The positive interaction that we foster between our frenchies and many different kinds of animals improves the immune system of our dogs and also raises their emotional intelligence to be able to interact well with other animal life and people. We can’t wait to share our beautiful, healthy, and good-natured frenchies with you!

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