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Southern Gentleman Looking For Prospective Matches

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County Line’s Honest Abel

Southern Middle TN

Dachshund (Smooth Haired)

Date of Birth:
12 February 2021

2 years, 1 months, 20 days

Date Listed:
23 April 2021

Dog (male)



Abel is a Tennessee Stud looking to make matches for later this year and next spring. He is a beautiful muted silver dapple Tweenie Daschund. He is currently 5 lbs, we expect him to to be 12-15 pounds. His dam was a miniature Black and Tan and his sire was a small standard silver dapple. Abel is a clown with so much love to give. He truly is a lap dog in ever sense of the word as was his dam. He has currently never bred but we know our little guy would make the best sire for your litter with his outstanding calm nature and lovingness. He has no genetic issues nor health problems in his lines. He is soon to be CKC registered and also we will be pursuing his AKC registration as well. I’m flexible on his stud fee depending on the quality of his match. Let your girl dance with our Abel and he will sweep her off her feet in the hills of Tennessee!

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