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Adorable, affectionate wavy-haired darker male Golden Retriever

Adorable, affectionate wavy-haired darker male Golden Retriever Listing Image

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Kennel club name:
Apollo Hahn

Golden Retriever

Date of Birth:
22 September 2019

1 years, 8 months, 27 days

Date Listed:
30 May 2021

Dog (male)



AKC registered Golden Retriever with dark wavy hair, slightly shorter snout, broad head and strong but lean build. Complemented on his looks every time I take him out. Slightly smaller than average at 60lbs. Free-feeds without overeating. Incredibly friendly and affectionate towards all dogs and humans, I have never seen him be aggressive once in his life. Oversized lap dog, will cuddle for indefinite periods of time. Very goofy and playful. Calm indoors, but has tons of energy at the park or on hikes. First time studding, but his father sired 3 litters of 7-10 puppies each. No known health issues. Willing to mate him with most any well-tempered breeds for no fee, just one pup from the litter (my mom wants a puppy just like him). I can also find several other potential adopters for any of the litter you don't already have spoken for.

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