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Boerboel/Rottweiler cross

Boerboel/Rottweiler cross Listing Image

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Ares The Great

North Jersey

South African Boerboel

Date of Birth:
11 June 2021

1 years, 7 months, 18 days

Date Listed:
02 June 2021

Dog (male)



My name is Ares the Great, I am a high energy , high prey drive , very protective Boerboel Rottweiler cross, I am up to date on shots, very healthy and eager to learn and work. I am 125lbs lean, reddish caramel color with light hazel eyes, I exhibit both qualities from my Rottweiler mom and boerboel dad and will make a perfect bandog with the right bitch, I’m looking to breed with other mastiff breeds similar to my size with great temperaments. I am still growing and will produce huge puppies. Very high sperm count and I am active and ready

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