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Miniature Poodle Stud Service

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Kennel club name:
United Blue Ribbon Division

Poodle (Miniature)

Date of Birth:
28 November 2016

4 years, 7 months, 25 days

Date Listed:
09 June 2021

Dog (male)



¡ Meet Melo ! * White Mini Poo * - United Blue Ribbon Division Certificate of Pedigree - Melo is very virile and has produced litters with different small dog breeds. With his beautiful color, he is an excellent candidate to create designer mixes, such as Maltese (Maltipoo), Yorkie (Yorkipoo), Chihuahua (Chipoo), Shih Tzu (Shihpoo), Pomeranian (Pomapoo), Corgi (Corgipoo), West Highland Terrier (Westiepoo), Bichon Frise (Bichpoo), Havanese (Havapoo), Bulldog (Boodle Doodle), King Charles Spaniel (Cavapoo), Cocker Spaniel (Cockapoo), Pekingese (Peekapoo), Pug (Pugapoo), Dachshund (Doxiepoo), Mini Goldendoodle and Mini Labradoodle. As you can see in his Pedigree Certificate (last picture), Melo was born to a Brown sire & Apricot dam. If you look to his grandparents, you will see a variety of colors, like Silver, Black, and Tan, as well as Phantom variations. In short, his pure bred bloodline leaves a lot of room for color variation in the puppies. This can be especially profitable if a highly desired color comes out. I am FWC Class III licensed. I can meet you, or I can host in Pembroke Pines. Hablo Español. Please text or email.

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