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Piebald Dachshund

Piebald Dachshund Listing Image

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Frankie (Frankfurter)

Upstate New York

Kennel club name:
National Kennel Club

Dachshund (Smooth Haired)

Date of Birth:
29 January 2018

5 years, 0 months, 9 days

Date Listed:
19 July 2021

Dog (male)



Pure-Breed Dachshund with beautiful markings. NOTE: Because he is a piebald (mother pure white, father pure brown), the female he breeds with MUST be MUST be a piebald or a pure color, and NOT carry the dapple gene, so there are no mutations in the pups. Frankie is 3 years old, weighs 18 lbs, and is standard size. Coloring: brown on white, excellent temperament, not aggressive. Has National Kennel Club certificate. Wisdom Panel tested: 75% smooth-haired, 25% long-haired - 100% dachshund. Fully vaccinated, has current lyme vaccine & rabies certificate, in excellent health.

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