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DNA tested, Certified EDD working dog

DNA tested, Certified EDD working dog Listing Image

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German Shepherd Dog (Alsatian)

Date of Birth:
15 January 2019

2 years, 10 months, 25 days

Date Listed:
19 November 2021

Dog (male)



Floky is a thirty four month old, male, intentional crossbreed from GSD and Dutch Shepherd working lines. He was imported from Slovakia specifically for dual purpose k9 work. I trained and certified with Floky in explosive detection at American K9 Interdiction (AK9I) in Zuni, VA. He is paired on the four core explosive oders/compounds, inorganic salts, black powder, and both single and double based smokeless powder. He is also trained in tracking and protection including civil and passive civil aggression on command. Floky has exceptionally stable nerves for a dog with such extreme work drives. He is routinely exposed to busy, complex social environments including bars, restaurants, and concerts; he's even been to Las Vegas casinos and to Disney World without incident. Floky travels well in-cabin on commercial airlines, public transportation, boats, and vehicles, and he stays in hotels frequently when we travel for work. He goes absolutely everywhere with me and my wife. I have never owned or worked with a dog more clear-minded and confident at home or in challenging environments. Floky has full medical clearance including clear x-rays for hips and elbows. Embark DNA testing has cleared him of all genetic disorders and conditions currently tested for and shows 78.2% German Sheppard Dog and21.8% Dutch Sheppard. Videos of his bite work, tracking, and explosive detection are available for serious inquiries.

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