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Foxy is looking for small stud Weim

Foxy is looking for small stud Weim Listing Image

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Kennel club name:
HannyBee Weimaraners


Date of Birth:
29 December 2019

3 years, 1 months, 1 days

Date Listed:
13 December 2021

Bitch (female)



I’m looking for an AKC Weimaraner stud dog prefer 60-65Lbs for my 2 year old 70lb Foxy girl. Her next season is March 10th 2022 but I’m in no hurry, anytime in the next 2 years would be ok, finding the right male is more important than timing. I’ve owned many weims since 1975 so I’m a bit fussy about what my next gen weim will be. I’m willing to travel for the right dog. Stud needs to be AKC Registered. My Foxy is not an off the shelf dog, I have much time & years of looking to obtain the right Weim so Im looking for a quality male to complete that match. Champion dog titles are of little value to me, some very good dogs come from the general public. Pictures & pedigree is helpful to establish your dogs linage & are simple to obtain from AKC. Prefer to stay away from the blue dogs.

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