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Yellow Labrador Retriever - AKC Purebred

Yellow Labrador Retriever - AKC Purebred Listing Image

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Washington DC

Kennel club name:
Duke Mack the Handsome of Buckingham

Labrador Retriever

Date of Birth:
09 August 2020

1 years, 9 months, 17 days

Date Listed:
21 April 2022

Dog (male)



Duke is a yellow Labrador Retriever from a purebred blood line. He has very handsome features such as his large boxy head that makes for many cute facial expressions as well as a strong jaw. When it comes to his personality, few will have the privilege of meeting such a loyal companion. He is the most cuddly large breed dog I have ever met with a constant yearning to be close to his owner. He is very protective and is a formidable looking male with a redeeming smile. He has a slightly brighter tint of yellow 'angel wing' markings on his fur running from his back down his shoulders/legs. He is quite strong and very active.

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