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Blue Merle French Bull Dog

Blue Merle French Bull Dog Listing Image

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West Coast

French Bulldog

Date of Birth:
15 May 2021

1 years, 1 months, 12 days

Date Listed:
20 June 2022

Dog (male)



Monkey is a handsome blue merle with a tri-color. He is considered a micro exotic and weighs 20 pounds. He has always been extremely calm and well-tempered. Monkey has never been aggressive towards a human or another animal. He loves to play with dogs but is very attached to his humans as well. Monkey is eager to make some babies and is looking for a very calm bitch. He rarely barks and has never cried before. Monkey is AKC certified, We are waiting for the results of his DNA testing to see what he carries. Monkey is too special to not share with the world!

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