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AKC ASCA Australian Shepherd Stud

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Central California

Kennel club name:
Boundless Joy's Darling Death Weapon Soul

Australian Shepherd

Date of Birth:
23 May 2021

1 years, 9 months, 28 days

Date Listed:
15 September 2022

Dog (male)



Blue Merle Dog Red factored Sire: Malpaso's Dash For Cash Dam: Montana Stillwaters' Stunning Stella We Love our Soul, he is the sweetest loyal dog, very eager to please and do anything you ask of him. He is a calm Aussie, well mannered and adores his family. A very capable herder and always looking for a challenge or puzzle to solve. Beautiful fully tested Blue Merle natural bob boy looking for some nubbin. He has been assessed by non invested reputable breeders and deemed a specimen, we are in the process of getting him titled and working towards championship like his grandfather's and lineage before. He is currently not proven We are only looking to breed with AKC and ASCA pedigreed bitchs, and will not breed to another Merle out of ethics. The goal is to preserve the breed.

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