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Wolf Agouti Stud

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Western Kentucky

Siberian Husky

Date of Birth:
12 May 2020

2 years, 8 months, 16 days

Date Listed:
01 October 2022

Dog (male)



Perseus is an excellent companion, well behaved, intelligent and a social butterfly. He is a well formed, clear bill of health, fully vetted and produced 3 beautiful litters already. Beautiful coloring in both his coat and eyes as he has dual heterochromia in both. (Brown/blue) Stands at 22.5 inches and weighs 50lbs. Lean but well built in the chest. He was disqualified from AKC registering as his parents were on a pet only contract and the owners broke it. So registration cannot be done. But he has been tested on his genetics for illnesses and hereditary diseases and is clear. Hips graded excellent, eyes and elbows good. Currently he is working to be a working dog for ptsd and anxiety detection as a service dog but I would like to stud him. He has produced quality offspring so far with beautiful coloring and excellent companion temperaments. All puppy's were healthy! First session: 300$ (100$ for each session after) Returning customers: 150$ I would love a pup from him eventually but cannot take one yet. Waiting to build a larger outdoor kennel for exploration and growth.

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