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Lilac/Tan/Cream Stud Spa

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French Bulldog

Date of Birth:
09 June 2022

1 years, 0 months, 2 days

Date Listed:
18 March 2023

Dog (male)



$700 Natural Stud session or $1,500 FRESH Specimen Shipping. Lilac and Tan stud for service. AKC registered and pedigree papers dating back 4 generations. No Pied. No Merle. United Kingdom Fawn/Cream in both Grand and Great Grandparents. Hungarian Brindle in his lineage. Will produce lilac/tan, fawn/cream, poss. brindle that would make for a good pick of the litter($$). But mostly just 23 pounds of cuddles and muscle. Natural Stud Spa experience includes 60 minute guided meet and greet session with your female. Including friendly play therapy, assisted natural tie off reproduction, and a take home toy all inside a beautiful garden. We also care for her 2 legged companions! Please come enjoy free WiFi and Coffee/Tea bar while you comfortably wait or join us in the garden on a couple provided chairs. Spa breeding is done naturally (Phoenix Arizona) in a safe and unrestrained environment for your females emotional health. Emotionally happy mothers-to-be lay a foundation of positive whelping experiences. 1 session fee per 1 hour session. Non smoking home. Credit Cards accepted with 3% bank fee. Laz & Mello LLC ®

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